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Why You Should Try A Luxury Mediterranean Cruise This Summer

Summer is a season where, dependent upon taste, families choose a holiday: Lots of families look for all-inclusive beach holidays. However, have you ever thought about all the luxuries an all-inclusive luxury Mediterranean cruise can offer? Experience the unique vibes on board a luxury cruise ship, while stopping off at some of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean.


A Diverse Culture

The Mediterranean Sea is the largest enclosed sea globally, with forty-six thousand kilometres of stunning shoreline. It includes 24 international locations and territories from Europe, Africa, and Middle East Asia, and this wealthy trove carries some of the most fertile, beautiful, and coveted land on the planet. Mediterranean Europe boasts an unparalleled paradise set amongst stunning greenery, crystal clear waters and gorgeous local cuisine.

Ancient works of art uncover the distractions of France’s antiquated cave tenants; Greek and Roman landmarks showcase the ancient superpowers of Greece and Rome; Islamic craftsmanship tells of Moorish modernity; Gothic cathedrals, Renaissance royal residences and floral veneers record the extraordinary aesthetic developments of history.

The region’s celebrated exhibitions and galleries are beautiful as well, lodging an impressive chunk of the Western world’s combined craftsmanship collection.


Natural Beauty

For numerous holidaymakers, the Mediterranean’s guarantee of the summer sun, and long, relaxing days on the shoreline are enough to attract 200 million tourists each year, making it one of the world’s most visited destinations. With as much to see inland as at the beach, you will be spoilt for choice for things to see and do.

The Mediterranean’s shorelines are eminent, extending from enormous, golden sands on Portugal’s western seaboard to untainted Sardinian hideaways and rough stages on Croatia’s jagged Dalmatian coast. But there’s more to the Med than the shoreline, and absent from the coast, the region’s antiquated scene offers more than a few marvellous sights – snow-clad elevated crests, swathes of untainted timberland, a shocking fjord in Montenegro and the sights and smells of history.


A Foodie’s Sanctuary

The Mediterranean is well known for the energy the region puts into its local produce and wonderful flavoursome delicacies. Eating well is a way of life in the Med, with long lazy lunches amongst family and friends the norm. France and Italy are the self-evident places to explore for dedicated foodies, but each country has its commitment to cultural specialities– such as tapas in Spain, kebabs in Turkey and souvlaki in Greece.


Easy Travel Experience

With a relaxed nature, services may not always be what you’re used to when ashore , and some regions may be costly, but English is commonly spoken, public transport operates frequently, and with so many historic sites, beaches  and  dining alternatives to choose from, you’re likely to discover somewhere that will take your heart and soul. The Mediterranean’s are all about family, so if you have children they will be given special treatment.


Cruise with Eagle Travel

Eagle Travel is your luxury travel and holiday specialists from Bedford. We are a fully certified travel agency with expert industry contacts that allows us to give unbiased guidance and guarantee that your holidays are individually tailored to fit you. In addition, being authorised with both ABTA and ATOL enables us to use a wide variety of products and an unlimited selection of locations. If you are looking for a luxury Mediterranean cruise, Eagle Travel in Bedford are on hand to make your holiday dreams come true.

We provide custom-made holiday breaks which enable you to relax safe in the knowledge that your holiday is being looked after in the most efficient, friendly and cost-effective manner to meet every necessity for a fantastic holiday.


What to Expect

  • Greece

Greece is indeed a perfect place for cultural buffs because it provides so much to see and do. If islands are not your cup of tea, leave Mykonos behind for the attractions of medieval Delos.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most significant archaeological locations in Greece. The incredible remains of shrines, murals, housing, and communities— combined with the island’s folklore as the location of Apollo and Artemis — make it a fantastic spot to explore.


  • Croatia

Croatia’s amazing seaside landscape and laid-back towns are indeed an excellent match for bicycle trips when ashore. They are the ultimate way to view the attractions at a slower rate. Ride your route on two tracks through many of Croatia’s most captivating cities like Hvar, Zadar, Korcula, and Split.


  • Italy

The stunning beauty of the Amalfi Coast, coupled with the coastal scenery of Portofino and Cinque Terre Region makes Italy a favourite for many cruise passengers. Experience Venice and move across the lagoon to find the other islands such as Burano and Murano. Whilst controversial, cruising to or from Venice is a ‘must do’ experience whilst you still can.


  • Spain

If you’re an outdoorsy type, take an excursion where you can experience beach walks and bird viewing and many Cruise lines will offer escorted Bike Rides. Visit the Balearic Islands or lesser explored Canary Islands for the chance to experience the breathtaking natural landscapes of the Mediterranean.

These are just some of the places you could experience on a Mediterranean Cruise. For more information, please contact us today on 01234 348882 or please fill in our online contact form.