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Airport Parking Tips

For many people the journey to the airport can be the most stressful part of the whole holiday. In the back of your mind there is always a niggling thought that something might go wrong and you might miss your flight and the holiday you have been waiting so long for will be a disaster before it even got started.

Rather than risking public transport to get you to the airport, taking your own car and parking it at the airport without any dramas is the preferred option for many holiday-makers.  Booking airport parking can be quite daunting if you haven’t been through the process before so we have put together a mini guide that will help you get your holiday going on the right foot.

Tip 1 Know your parking options

There are 3 main types of airport parking, lets take a look:


Onsite parking is usually run by the airport itself. It is usually the most expensive option but the advantage is the convenience as your car will be close to your terminal.

Park and Ride

Both the airport and outside parking companies offer this service. After parking your car you would go to the airport in a shuttle bus. Obviously these car parks are a little further out but you can save a lot of money by opting for a park and ride.

Meet and Greet

With a meet and greet service you would be met at the terminal where somebody from the car park will meet you and drive your car to the car park. On your return they would meet you again outside the terminal ready for your trip back home. Meet and Greet services are great for convenience but will cost slightly more than park and ride.

Tip 2 When should I book

Airport Parking prices can vary between products and months. The best tip here is to book as early as possible as prices go up as the car parks get full. If your booking quite a few months in advance then make sure your booking is cancellable in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Tip 3 How to get the best price

Sites like compare all your parking options so you can find the best car park for your budget. They compare car parks at the major airports like Manchester, Heathrow and Gatwick as well as the smaller airports.

Tip 4 How to make sure your car is in safe hands

Make sure that the car park you have decided to book has a “park mark” accreditation. This indicates that the car park has been independently inspected and meets all security specifications.

Tip 5 Check the distance from the airport

If you opting for a park and ride make sure you check the distance of the car park to the airport. Anything up to 20 mins should be ok but just be aware if its anything longer.

Tip 6 Be prepared

On the day of your journey to the airport make sure you know exactly where the airport is and how to get there. If you have a Sat Nav then use the car park post code. If your more traditional then make sure you have a quality map. Give yourself plenty of time in case you make any wrong turns.

Tip 7 Check Traffic Reports on the day you leave

Checking traffic reports on the day you travel is essential so that you can adjust the time you leave your house accordingly. Use sites like